Sexist, biased or just a bad editorial decision?

Whatever it is,  White House hopeful Michele Bachmann is not engaging in the debate  (at least publicly) over the appropriateness of a Newsweek cover photo of her that has generated a lot of buzz.

The only woman in the crowded field of candidates vying for the 2012   Republican presidential nomination, Bachmann has remained focused on her mission, stomping in  Iowa  ahead of  the state’s Republican Straw Poll on Saturday.  (She  announced more local endorsements on Tuesday.)

When the Minnesota Congresswoman and Tea Party star — whom even many of her opponents agree is photogenic — was asked about the controversial magazine cover on Monday, she simply said she had not seen it  and moved on.

That might have been the end of the story for her, but Newsweek has been taking heat for the unflattering photo of a wide-eyed Bachmann with the caption “The Queen of Rage” on this week’s cover. The story inside is about  Bachmann’s  rise on the road to  Iowa.

Critics cried “foul” and,  from the opposite side of the ideological divide, the National Organization for Women came to Bachmann’s defense.