When it comes to showing support, bringing an entourage of people on a huge famous plane to the funeral of your friend’s mother says a lot. USA/

That’s what President Barack Obama did for his pal and vice president, Joe Biden, on Tuesday. Biden’s mother, Catherine Eugenia “Jean” Finnegan Biden, died on Friday at the family’s home in Wilmington, Delaware. She was 92.

The president, along with first lady Michelle Obama and a large cadre of Obama’s senior White House staff and Cabinet members, flew on Air Force One to attend her funeral in Delaware.

Biden, in his eulogy, expressed thanks to Obama for how he treated his mother, and said his mother thought very highly of Obama.

“Mr. President, I especially want to thank you for the way in which you treated my mom with such warmth and personal affection,” Biden said.  “It warmed my heart and it did hers as well.”