Josh, Joe (Tagg’s son), Craig, Tagg and Matt in Manchester.

The impossibly handsome, all-American foursome that walked into the Windham Restaurant on Thursday morning might have meant that a Ralph Lauren photo shoot was getting under way. Or it could have just meant that the Romney boys were back in town.

With Papa Romney busy campaigning in Iowa, four of his five sons — Tagg, Matt, Josh and Craig — as well as his grandson, Joe, stumped for the candidate in New Hampshire, regaling voters with stories of Mitt and his various exploits as family man extraordinaire, legendary household tightwad, savior of the Salt Lake City Olympics, and so on.

In their almost-matching outfits, down to the white checked shirts often favored by their famous father, the Romney boys seemed eerily reminiscent of that other good-looking Mormon group, the Osmonds.

“What we can do is brag about him, in ways that he can’t brag about himself,” Tagg Romney said. “We’ve been doing everything we can.” In the family hierarchy Tagg is “the oldest one” or alternatively, as he noted, “the only one who got stuck with a strange name.”

Craig (left) and Josh Romney in Manchester.

Craig, the “youngest and funniest” Romney, had the crowd laughing in Concord by recalling how his father, usually portrayed as the ultimate square, learned the radical Olympic sport of skeleton — basically, sliding down an icy track face-first on a flimsy sled — on a dare from NBC.