Ole 43, otherwise known as former President George W. Bush, was in Washington today to address hundreds of people who worked for him over the years.

USA-BUSH/The whole thing was closed press and so we don’t have a complete read-out of the proceedings but suffice to say that Bush steered clear of the current volatile political climate in Washington.

This has been a consistent position of Bush. While he might chafe privately at some of the blame tossed his way by President Barack Obama, he doesn’t talk about it publicly. Having seen how tough the job is being president, he reckons Obama doesn’t need one more critic telling him how to do it.

Anyway, he spoke for a half hour then took questions for perhaps another 40 minutes to update people on what he’s been up to in the past year since leaving the White House.

His book about 12 monumental decisions he made as the POTUS is coming out Nov. 8. Laura Bush’s book is coming out in May.