Tales from the Trail

High court justice has another bike accident by Cambridge home

June 1, 2011

Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer might want to give up riding his bicycle around his home in Cambridge, Massachusetts, or at least be more careful.

U.S. Supreme Court closes front entrance, by 7-2 vote

May 3, 2010

The Supreme Court’s famous front entrance, at the top of its marble steps and under the words “Equal Justice Under Law,” will be closed to the public.

U.S. Supreme Court advice for Obama

April 15, 2010

Someone experienced in making hard decisions with the imagination to understand how rulings affect the lives of Americans. OBAMA/

Broken clocks, laryngitis at the Supreme Court

November 2, 2009

In a place where the time to argue some of the most important legal issues in the United States is pivotal yet limited, clocks throughout the Supreme Court building were not working on Monday — including the big one behind the bench that attorneys arguing their case and that spectators in the audience can see.