USA/“When does my honeymoon period start?” Rand Paul asked.

That was Paul’s opening line in an ABC “Good Morning America” interview Friday when asked about the controversy this week over comments that suggested he opposed part of the 1964 Civil Rights Act that outlawed racial segregation.

Paul blamed the controversy on political trash-talk by Democrats worried that he will win the Kentucky Senate seat in November’s election after his Tea Party supported victory in the Republican primary earlier this week.

“I’ve been trashed up and down one network that tends to side with the Democrats. For an entire 24 hours I’ve suffered from them saying ‘oh he wants to repeal the Civil Rights Act,’ but that’s never been my position,” he said.

“I am against repealing the Civil Rights Act, I’m against repealing the Fair Housing Act, I ‘ve never campaigned on that, it’s not part of our platform. And so what these are, are red herrings that people are trying to bring up because the Democrats are waaaaay behind in Kentucky and are going to have a tough time beating us down here,” Paul said.

“If you want to bring up 40-year-old legislation, why don’t you bring me on with Senator Byrd and we’ll talk about how he filibustered the Civil Rights Act?”