Tales from the Trail

Obama to post White House visitor logs on the Internet


After early signs he might follow the lead of other presidents and keep his White House visitor logs secret, Barack Obama has decided instead he’s going to post them on the Internet.

This, of course, jeopardizes the popular Washington sport of going to court to find out who’s getting face time with the president.

It’s a hallowed tradition observed over many administrations.

OBAMA/President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney waged a valiant struggle to keep their logs secret from groups wanting to know such things as who was influencing energy policy or how much access corrupt lobbyist Jack Abramoff was given.

Visitor logs were used to track the comings and goings of White House intern Monica Lewinsky during Bill Clinton’s presidency. And they provided fodder for the Whitewater and influence peddling investigations involving Clinton.

Even Obama, who promised transparency during his election campaign, had been battling lawsuits over the visitor logs before announcing Friday he was giving up the fight.

Missouri voter sues over McCain campaign “hate speech”

(UPDATED – adds McCain spokesman comment)

KANSAS CITY – Missouri voter Mary Kay Green has had enough.

The supporter of Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama filed a lawsuit this week over what she claims is dangerous “hate speech” coming from the rival campaign of Republican presidential nominee John McCain.

rtx9mpk.jpgGreen, a 66-year-old grandmother and “semi-retired” civil rights attorney, filed the lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Kansas City this week accusing McCain, his running mate Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and their campaign manager Rick Davis of “intentionally, recklessly and irresponsibly” portraying Obama “as un-American, a terrorist by association,   and ‘not like us,’ a non-white individual.”

Palin, Green alleges in her lawsuit, has at her rallies used false statements to work supporters “into a frenzy causing them to make death threats” against Obama.