Jon Huntsman Jr. has dedicated his entire campaign to doing well in New Hampshire. That’s meant multiple visits to small places like the northern town of Littleton, pop. 6,000, where Huntsman appeared for a photo opportunity at the local diner.

Unfortunately for Huntsman there were only four people (reporters aside) at the restaurant when he arrived — and none of them knew he was coming. One couple waved off his approach, saying, “We’re from Vermont.”

The second couple, John and Arlyne Kimball, had attended a Huntsman event earlier in the campaign in the nearby town of Whitefield and were annoyed that Huntsman had interrupted Arlyne in the midst of a question there about the Federal Reserve.

“He cut her off quickly,” Jack Kimball said. Both Kimballs appreciated Huntsman sitting at their table to hear their views, but say they’re backing Ron Paul.

Later in the day in North Haverhill, at his 162nd New Hampshire event, Huntsman predicted a very late surge for his candidacy. According to the former Utah governor, voters will say to themselves, “I’ve got to make a choice here, who actually has the background, the temperament to bring Americans together? I’ve enjoyed the entertainment, it’s done, now it’s time to make a choice.”