It’s March Madness time again and everybody with basketball savvy or a wee bit of Irish luck is filling out their NCAA college basketball brackets. OBAMA/

Participants in this annual craze have several ways of deciding who to pick: They pay close attention to what teams are up or down, they crib from their unsuspecting friends’ brackets, or they like the color of a particular team’s uniform or their nickname. Like the Georgetown Hoyas, whatever a Hoya might be.

Which brings us to President Obama, a passionate fan of basketball who is still young enough, 48, that he can play a pick-up game with his pals and not worry overly much about blowing out a knee. Who honestly is going to foul the president, for instance?

Obama filled out his NCAA bracket and his Final Four are Kansas, Kansas State, Kentucky and Villanova. He picks the Kansas Jayhawks to win the national championship game. (Is Kansas, a typically Republican state, in play in 2012? Just asking.)

Anyway, it looks like Obama wrestled a bit in deciding between Villanova and Duke to get to the Final Four. It looks like Duke was scratched out in favor of Nova.