Tales from the Trail

New ad compares Bachmann to Thatcher

Rep. Michele Bachmann is out with a new ad comparing herself to former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. While a photo of Thatcher and the text “America’s Iron Lady” flash over an image of Bachmann, a narrator says:

Born and raised in Iowa, only one candidate has been a consistent conservative fighter who fought Obamacare, who fought increasing our debt ceiling – even as other Republicans were cutting deals with Obama.

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Bachmann, who now represents a Minnesota congressional district, has spent a lot of time touting her Iowa birthplace ahead of the state’s first-in-the-nation presidential caucus. Perhaps most famously, she mistakenly claimed that she and actor John Wayne shared the same hometown — when in fact it was serial killer and rapist John Wayne Gacy who grew up in Bachmann’s birthplace of Waterloo.

Obama describes family: like Thatcher, like Hayek

barack1.jpgKISSIMMEE, Fla. – Democratic presidential front-runner Barack Obama gave a description of his extended, multiracial family on Wednesday while introducing himself to voters in Florida. 

 Here’s what he said: 

 ”When you get my family together, I mean you’ve got people who look like Margaret Thatcher. You’ve got people who look like Bernie Mac. You’ve got, you know my sister, she looks like Salma Hayek – I don’t know if you’ve seen her … She looks Latin,” he said.

There’s more: 

 ”She’s got a baby, ’cause she married a Chinese Canadian, so she’s got a little, I’ve got a little niece who’s a little Chinese baby,” he said.