For once Democrats can be thankful that a Republican stole the spotlight on primary day.

CONGRESS RAIDTuesday began with a focus on Richard Blumenthal, the Connecticut Democrat running for the Senate, amid questions about his military record during the Vietnam War. But it quickly shifted mid-morning on news that Republican Congressman Mark Souder was resigning over an affair with a female aide.

Souder, a self-proclaimed “evangelical Christian” and an advocate of abstinence in sexual education, issued a statement in which he said he was “renewing my walk with my Lord.”

In college Souder often wore a button that said “I’m proud to be a square.” (That was long before the song “Hip to Be Square,” and with the number of sex scandals that keep erupting on Capitol Hill, perhaps fallen is the new square.)

Souder’s congressional seat in Indiana is considered safely Republican, but the party has to produce a candidate.