It’s never too early to think about summer vacation.

Martha’s Vineyard is a-twitter with speculation over whether President Barack Obama would choose the island off Cape Cod, Massachusetts, for his first presidential summer. After all if it was good enough for Bill Clinton… rtrgo1u_comp

The Boston Globe got the rumors flying with a tantalizing post: ”word is the Obamas have rented a house for two weeks at the end of August in the East Chop neighborhood of Oak Bluffs.”

But then the Cape Cod Times chimed in with an e-mail reply from an unnamed White House official who wrote “President Obama does not have plans for a Martha’s Vineyard vacation (nor does he have any summer vacation plans at this point).”

That shouldn’t throw cold water on some harmless guessing about where the Obamas may decide to spend some relaxation time. As one D.C. Dweller put it: Why go up NORTH to go to a beach?

 Unlikely to make the list is Crawford, Texas, where President George W. Bush liked to spend time off at his ranch.