Tales from the Trail

Republican to seniors: “You’re going to die sooner” with healthcare reform

December 1, 2009

Republican Senator Tom Coburn doesn’t mince words. He was crystal clear about what he thinks ofcoburn1 healthcare reform being debated in the Senate, saying to seniors: “I have a message for you: You’re going to die sooner.”

Healthcare refomer, heal thyself

March 10, 2009

USA/White House Budget Director Peter Orszag would like to know what treatments work for him — a middle-aged white male who exercises. And he thinks healthcare reform efforts should focus in part on getting that kind of information to everyone.

Ex-Commerce pick Gregg still welcome at the White House

February 18, 2009

WASHINGTON – New Hampshire Senator Judd Gregg certainly irked the White House by accepting the nomination to be Commerce secretary and then withdrawing, but it seems he is still welcome at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.