REUTERS/Jeff Haynes

Protesters loudly interrupted Newt Gingrich twice as he accepted endorsements from Iowa and New Hampshire state party leaders at a press conference on Wednesday, clapping and chanting “put people first” before being hustled out of the room by security officers.

“He’s not welcome here in Iowa until he starts representing everyday people and hardworking families and the 99 percent,” said David Goodner, one of the protesters, of the group Citizens for Community Improvement Action Fund. “We’re going to keep getting in his face until he starts changing his policies,” he said.

The protests began just as Gingrich took the podium. The candidate stopped and turned to watch as guards surrounded the protesters and pushed some of them outside.

“I’ll talk outside. As soon as this press conference is over, I’ll talk to you,” Gingrich said to one of them after a second interruption, appearing unruffled by the shouting.

Gingrich said he had been interrupted before, and that the protesters represented “one-tenth of one percent,” a reference to the “we are the 99 percent” slogan of the Occupy Wall Street movement.