Tales from the Trail

Steele’s abortion comments anger fellow Republicans

March 12, 2009

Michael Steele has gone and put his foot in his mouth again. USA-POLITICS/REPUBLICANS

In an interview with GQ magazine, the Republican National Committee chairman described abortion as an “individual choice” and said individual states should decide its legality.

The First Draft: Downtown Gordon Brown

March 4, 2009

That Gordon Brown, he won’t leave town. The British Prime Minister speaks to Congress at 11 a.m., where he is expected to urge lawmakers to steer clear of protectionism. OBAMA-BRITAIN/

Coleman, senator in limbo, visits old stomping ground

February 24, 2009

Republican Norm Coleman, who is in a court battle against comedian and Democrat Al Franken over who won the┬áMinnesota Senate seat in November’s election, decided to visit his old stomping ground on Tuesday, dropping by the weekly Republican policy luncheon.