Michelle Obama is the most powerful woman in the world. So says Forbes magazine.

Does it mean she can leap tall buildings in a single bound? We’re not sure. But she did jump over women with a decade more experience (an assumption based on age) in the top 5 – Kraft Foods Chief Executive Irene Rosenfeld, talk show host Oprah Winfrey,  German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. OBAMA/

Has the designation changed anything in her household, given that her husband is the leader of the free world? We asked her office, but they wouldn’t bite.

But no one at the White House is disputing the title (we assume they wouldn’t dare).

Our White House correspondent Caren Bohan tells us that White House spokesman Robert Gibbs commented: ”It’s a more accurate Forbes story than the last cover.”

We have deduced (OK so we went online to find it) that Gibbs was referring to the “How Obama Thinks” cover story in the Sept. 27 issue about the Most Powerful Woman’s husband.