The National Republican Senatorial Committee at first denied having anything to do with the infamous TV casting call that sought “hicky” actors to pose as West Virginia voters in a Republican campaign ad.

But today, the committee charged with getting Republicans elected to the U.S. Senate, fired one of its TV ad vendors and apologized to West Virginians, saying it had learned the consulting firm in question — Jamestown Associates – was responsible for the remark.

The NRSC also apologized to the Philadelphia talent agent who was falsely blamed for coming up with the word “hicky.”

“When originally confronted last week, (Jamestown Associates) flatly denied having anything to do with the unacceptable language and we took them at their word. Upon learning these facts this morning, the NRSC immediately fired Jamestown Associates,” the NRSC said in a statement.

“The NRSC will have no further dealings, now or ever, with Jamestown Associates, but they were our vendor and we take responsibility for this unfortunate matter,” the statement said.