Tales from the Trail

Ike leads Obama to cancel Saturday Night Live appearance

MANCHESTER, N.H. - Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama has canceled plans to appear on the season premiere of Saturday Night Live after his campaign decided this weekend was not a time for humor in light of the expected devastation from Hurricane Ike. rtx8pwv.jpg

In what may be the worst storm to hit Texas in nearly 50 years, the hurricane was packing high winds and U.S. officials warned storm waves could cause a catastrophe along the state’s coastline.

“In light of the unfolding crisis in Texas, Sen. Obama has decided it is no longer appropriate to appear on Saturday Night Live tomorrow evening,” said Obama spokeswoman Jen Psaki.

Obama has been campaigning in the battleground state of New Hampshire and is to speak at a rally in Manchester on Saturday morning. Instead of flying to New York afterwards to appear on the show, Obama will fly back to his home in Chicago.

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Bill tries to provide cover for Hillary from sniper fire

WASHINGTON – Former President Bill Clinton has leaped into the debate over Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s exaggerations about her 1996 trip to Bosnia — and got his facts wrong.

Hillary Clinton, the former U.S. first lady, has been accused of playing loose with the facts ever since her dramatic description of arriving in Bosnia under sniper fire was contrclintons3.jpgadicted by the actual videotape of her visit.

The controversy had seemed to run its course — until Thursday, when Bill Clinton got into the act while campaigning for his wife in Indiana.

Obama: the Stones fan who would be (like) Lincoln

WASHINGTON – Democratic voters in Pennsylvania are hearing all about presidential hopeful Barack Obama’s views on issues like Iraq and the economy — but where does he stand on those small but all-important, getting-to-know-you questions?

For instance, does the Illinois senator prefer the Beatles or the Rolling Stones? “Rolling Stones,” he answered without hesitation in a Tuesday interview with NBC’s “Today Show.”obamachange

And he went on in rapid-fire succession, not shying away even from his recent underwhelming performance in a Pennsylvania bowling alley.