ELKHART, Ind. – President Barack Obama and conservative commentator Sean Hannity are hardly political allies, but Obama on Monday briefly entertained the thought they could at least share a beer.

 At least, Obama seemed to like the beer part.

OBAMA/STIMULUSHannity, a talk show host who is one of Obama’s harshest critics, offered recently to buy the president a beer after Obama said “hardcore” Hannity fans would not want to share a brew with him.

 At a town hall meeting in Indiana where Obama was selling his stimulus package, a woman who identified herself as Tara questioned why some of Obama’s cabinet appointments could not handle their own taxes.

 ”I’m one of those that thinks you need to have a beer with Sean Hannity,” she said, drawing boos from the pro-Obama crowd.

 But Obama called it “a perfectly legitimate question” and took responsibility again for mistakes in the nominating process for some of his Cabinet members.