President Barack Obama turned 49 years old today, which gives him a whole year to contemplate the BIG ONE coming next.

US MARINES BIRTHDAYHis birthday horoscope (Leo) in The Washington Post was quite glowing and befitting a Nobel Peace Prize winner: “You have given your love to the loveless and befriended the friendless — the fantastic karma comes back to you this year.”

It’s the next bit we found  puzzling – “A dream job is on the horizon. Hard work this month brings the perfect offer by the end of September.” What are the stars trying to say? Is there a message in there to be applied to the November midterm elections?

Obama’s first chance of the day at getting a public display of cake for his birthday was not to be…

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka told Obama before and again after the president’s remarks at the union’s executive council meeting, that they had wanted to have a cake for him but the Secret Service wouldn’t allow it. OBAMA/