It was definitely not a press conference and it was barely a Q-and-A.

For a White House that is more agile than any predecessor in new media –Twitter, blogs, video — it seems to be getting a bit out of practice with the traditional question-answer format with real, live reporters.

President Barack Obama and Mexican President Felipe Calderon faced the media in the White House Rose Garden. USA-MEXICO/

They took a total of two questions, both were on border issues. Obama answered lengthily about his concerns with the current U.S. immigration system, the fight against drugs, and the positive coordination with Mexico. All ground covered by the administration many times. Not exactly headline-making.

What about Tuesday’s primaries since Obama is after all the top Democrat in the land and had earlier supported Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter who lost? What about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico which is still spreading? What about the rioting in Thailand in which people have been killed?  There’s Germany banning naked short sales in its war on speculators, what about that and the financial state of European allies? What does the president think about the latest words from Iran on a draft U.N. resolution to expand sanctions?

Well we don’t know, because no one got a chance to ask.

The last time Obama held a full-scale, formal news conference at the White House was in July 2009.