President Barack Obama’s re-election team has issued its 2012 campaign playlist, the two dozen or so songs it will play to pump up supporters at his speeches and rallies.

The tracks include some old favorites — like Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together,” which Obama sang himself at a recent New York fundraiser, and “Your Smiling Face,” by James Taylor, a supporter who has sung at Obama fundraisers and appeared at a state dinner in June in honor of German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

The campaign said its goal is to have something for everyone. Although, with a nod to its younger fans, the campaign posted the list on its Tumblr site with the note “No casting aspersions on Earth, Wind & Fire, now.”

But – surprising in a year when Hispanic voters are expected to play a huge and possibly decisive role in the election — there are British and Canadian acts,  just one Latin artist – Puerto Rican-born Ricky Martin – makes the list – in a duet with Joss Stone, the British singer, ”The Best Thing about Me is You,” which has a reggae beat.

The New York Daily News noted some other genres that did not make the cut, saying, “In a list of nearly 30 ditties, not a single hip-hop track turns up (though Obama himself has some on his iPod). There’s no metal, and definitely no trendy dubstep. Maybe they’re taking the Skrillex vote for granted.”