rtx68cn.jpgWASHINGTON – President George W. Bush will make a rare appearance on the campaign trail on Friday, attending a closed-door fundraiser in Oklahoma City to benefit Republican hopeful John McCain and the Republican National Committee – but the candidate will not be there.

Despite being a prolific fundraiser during his first seven years in office, Bush has only attended a handful of events this year and almost all of them have been closed to the press, which experts have attributed to his low job approval ratings. His last appearance was in Gates Mills, Ohio, near Cleveland, in late July.

Bush attended three closed-door fundraisers during a fundraising swing for McCain in late May, but they only appeared together at one event and then in public for a brief minute afterwards at the airport before Bush departed.

Still, Bush said in an interview this week with Fox News that he didn’t particularly feel left out of the campaign season.

“It’s interesting to observe the race,” Bush said, according to a transcript of the interview. ”You know, sometimes I long to be out there campaigning, but everything comes to an end.”