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Presidential choices: Avatar and “resisting pie”

President Barack Obama’s favorite movie is the blockbuster “Avatar” and he also likes “Away We Go.” USA/

And while first lady Michelle Obama is able to keep her iPod current with music from Grammy nominee Ledisi, the president has found it difficult to keep his selections updated.

“My iPod is kind of stuck. I just haven’t had time to sit down at a computer,” Barack Obama says in an interview with People magazine about the First Couple’s first year that will appear in the Jan. 25 issue.

“And there’s nobody that can do that for you, sir?” the magazine asked.

To which Obama replied that he could ask his aide Reggie Love to update his iPod tunes, but that request would come with another set of issues.

No endorsement coming from John Edwards

WASHINGTON – Remember John Edwards
    He ran a spirited campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination, never caugJohn Edwardsht much fire and dropped out of the race about, oh, it feels like 10 years ago (actually it was January).
    The former North Carolina senator has kept a low profile ever since and has resisted entreaties from the remaining Democrats, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, for his endorsement.
    And he is still resisting, as voters cast ballots on Tuesday in his home state’s Democratic primary election, according to People Magazine, which tracked down Edwards and his wife, Elizabeth.
    Edwards, who was John Kerry’s vice presidential running mate in 2004, told People he likes Clinton’s “tenacity” but sees “a lot of the old politics” in her.
    He likes Obama, too, but “sometimes I want to see more substance under the rhetoric.”
    Bottom line, according to People, rather than endorse one or the other, Edwards and his wife will save their political capital for causes such as fighting poverty and improving U.S. health care.

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Photo credit:  Reuters/Lee Celano (Edwards, with wife Elizabeth on the right, announces his withdrawal from the Democratic presidential race in January.)