Tales from the Trail

Philadelphia Phillies’ Rollins bats for Obama

PHILADELPHIA – Philadelphia Phillies’ shortstop Jimmy Rollins, whose team won the baseball World Series last week, is hoping for a victory from Barack Obama on Tuesday.

Rollins, whose team beat the Tampa Bay Rays to clinch their first series victory since 1980, introduced Democratic vice presidential nominee Joe Biden at his final rally before election day in Philadelphia.

“Tomorrow is an opportunity to make history again. We took the curse off by winning the championship. Now it’s time to take the curse off America,” Rollins said.

“Go out there and vote Obama. Go out there and vote so that we can have the next vice president — Mr. Joe Biden, who happens to be a great Phillies fan,” said Rollins.

The Delaware senator, who was born in Pennsylvania, said his “Phillies mad” wife had stayed off the campaign trail last week to watch the World Series.

Biden hopes for Phillies’ good fortune in election

WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. – Pennsylvania native and Democratic vice presidential candidate Joe Biden hopes the Philadelphia Phillies’ baseball World Series win is a good omen for Tuesday’s presidential election.

“How about those Phillies?” Biden said at a rally in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, on Thursday.

The Philadelphia Phillies won baseball’s World Series on Wednesday against the Tampa Bay Rays, in a game watched by Biden’s wife, Jill, who like him is a rabid Phillies fan.