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Chicago River is plenty clean, Mayor Daley says

Chicago river photo2Photo Credit: REUTERS/Jeff Haynes

Upset that the federal government instructed Chicago to clean up its namesake river to make the water swimmable, Mayor Richard Daley suggested Washington attend to the Potomac River and leave him alone.

“Go swim in the Potomac,” Daley told reporters when asked about the letter from the Environmental Protection Agency addressing the condition of the Chicago River. “We’re trying to make this river every day more cleanable.”

The mayor was just warming up.

“They send letters all the time. They should get down to BP and start saving the people down in Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida and Alabama — all their lives and their livelihood — instead of sending us letters,” Daley said.

“The (Chicago) River’s been cleaner and cleaner every year,” he added.

A century ago, engineers reversed the flow of the river to direct the city’s filthy sewage away from Lake Michigan, the source of the city’s potable water.  The river has since been rerouted, hemmed in, and used as repository for untreated run-off during heavy rains.

If it’s Wednesday, the fireball isn’t real

Spoiler alert: Reading this may or may not (we don’t really know) spoil a surprise in a pilot for a new CBS action series called “Washington Field.”

But Washington-area residents probably should read this so they don’t get alarmed at the 20- to 30-foot fireball from a simulated explosion on Wednesday near a bridge that connects Georgetown to Virginia.

The Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments issued an advisory saying there will be a fake explosion on Wednesday between 9:30 a.m. and noon near Key Bridge that will produce a fireball that will last for about two minutes.