CHICAGO – Oprah Winfrey has introduced her talk-show audience to the mystery man on whose shoulder she wept during President-elect Barack Obama‘s election night victory speech. 

 ”I only saw the back of his head,” Winfrey said of her teary moment caught by TV cameras and flashed repeatedly around the world as she rested her head on the shoulder of a man standing in front of her in a sea of people. 

 At the taping of Friday’s show in her Chicago studio, Winfrey brought the man  – former Reuters reporter Sam Perry — up from the audience for a face-to-face hug. 

 ”We were in the moment,” said Perry, who told Winfrey that her runny mascara did not stain his suit coat. 

 Perry, who lives in Northern California and worked as communications director of the Obama Silicon Valley campaign office, said his cellphone started vibrating the minute the picture hit the airwaves, with friends from several places around the world “telling me that I was standing with you.”