NUCEAR-IRAN/MISSILES-USABasically all White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs had to do was turn up … and they followed by the thousands.

Gibbs launched his first tweet on Twitter @PressSec this Saturday asking for micro-blogging tips and by Tuesday he had more than 22,500 followers. (OK so there may be a touch of envy from some of us still struggling in the three-digit follower realm).

Asked whether he was sending all the tweets — eight so far — himself, Gibbs replied: “Inexplicably, yes.”

It was Gibbs’ first press briefing since he launched on Twitter. So of course all his comments about tweeting were immediately tweeted by White House reporters.

Deputy Press Secretary Bill Burton (with 58 tweets and 5,000 followers, but who’s counting?) started tweeting earlier this year. And he tweeted while Gibbs spoke Tuesday to correct what he saw as a wrong tweet about Yucca Mountain, which the reporter subsequently deleted.