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Shirley Sherrod says she will sue the blogger

Shirley Sherrod says she will sue conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart who posted an edited video that led to her forced resignation from the Agriculture Department over racism allegations.

“He’ll definitely hear from me,” Sherrod told the National Association of Black Journalists annual conference in San Diego on Thursday. USA-SHERROD/

Does she plan on filing a lawsuit? ”I will definitely do it,” Sherrod said.

“He had to know that he was targeting me,” she added.

Sherrod, who is black, said her bosses at USDA pushed her to resign after conservative media repeatedly broadcast portions of the video in which she seemed to say that she had discriminated against a white farmer. But in the full video of the speech that Sherrod gave to a meeting of the NAACP, she had in fact said that race should not matter. 

NABJ said Breitbart had initially accepted an invitation to attend the event but later declined. ”I wish he had come here today because I really would like to talk to him,” Sherrod said.

Mixing it up: Race, Tea Party, NAACP, Palin

The NAACP’s resolution calling on leaders of the Tea Party movement to repudiate “racist elements” within its ranks has set off a political firestorm. The civil rights group illustrated its accusations with photographs taken at rallies that show supporters carrying controversial signs criticizing President Barack Obama.

USA/Sarah Palin, a star of the Tea Party movement, responded with a missive on Facebook saying she was saddened by the NAACP’s charge of racism and accused the group of using “the divisive language of the past.”

Critics of the conservative Tea Party movement have questioned whether it is a racist movement, citing the largely white turnout at rallies and some of the signs carried by supporters. Conservatives say the liberals are using a low blow to counter genuine criticism of Obama’s policies.

Who is the racist, Obama or Murdoch?

So is U.S. President Barack Obama a racist? Or is Rupert Murdoch?

Well the Australian media mogul appears to think that the president made a “very racist comment” and agrees that he hates white people.MILKEN/

But that apparently doesn’t make him a racist.

Confused? Me too.

The News Corporation chairman, one of the most controversial figures in the media world, has never minded hitting the headlines in his own right and this week was no exception.

First, in an interview with Sky News in Australia, he chose to back conservative Fox News commentator Glenn Beck.

The First Draft: Healthcare, anger and race

Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus is due to release a proposal Wednesday for reforming the $2.5 trillion U.S. healthcare system, giving a boost to President Barack Obama’s top domestic policy goal.

Or maybe not.

USA/Baucus has been working with two fellow Democrats and three Republicans — the so-called Gang of Six– to produce a bipartisan healthcare compromise. None of the other healthcare reform bills introduced so far have had Republican support.

The question is whether the Baucus effort will win over some Republicans. So far even the Republicans negotiating with him have shied away from pledging to vote for the measure.

Campaign debates over sexism, racism, ageism rage on

obama5.jpgNEW YORK – One thing seems certain in the race for the White House — the debate that the campaigns have sparked on sexism, racism and ageism in the United States is nowhere near resolved.

The media’s handling of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John McCain – each running a groundbreaking campaign — has drawn attention to the way women, blacks and older people are seen in America, according to a panel of experts that met on mccain2.jpgclinton2.jpgTuesday at the Paley Center for Media.

 ”I think it’s time for journalists to stop and look back at what they did and not say, ‘Well, we’re not covering Hillary Clinton any more so gender is no longer an issue,’” said panelist Kathleen Hall Jamieson, director of the Annenberg Public Policy Center at the University of Pennsylvania.