It’s one thing for fans gathering in Los Angeles to go ga-ga over the late “King of Pop,” but the  extensive media coverage of  Michael Jackson and his death has one Washington insider screaming “ENOUGH ALREADY.”

Well, not exactly in those words. But Rep. Pete King expressed outrage at the coverage and blasted the media in a video posted on YouTube over the Independence Day holiday weekend by the congressman’s campaign staff.

King, a New York Republican, took issue with coverage he says glosses over the controversy in Jackson’s life.  And he filled in the blanks with some commentary of his own, among other things calling  Jackson “a pervert” and “a pedophile.”  On Monday, King explained that he was merely  expressing what he believes a lot of  people really feel.

Here’s the video:

King’s hometown newspaper, New York’s Newsday, asked readers on its web site whether the congressman should apologize. About half of those responding said “No, King has a point about the excessive media coverage of Jackson.” The other half said “Yes,” bad timing. Our favorite response — “Who cares?”
Newsday points out the results are not scientific.