Anyone expecting to see a smack-down in the desert would have been disappointed.
The first and only debate in the high stakes Senate race between Nevada Democrat Harry Reid and Republican challenger Sharron Angle ended with both candidates still standing.

But there were plenty barbs as the Senate Majority Leader and the Tea Party-backed former state legislator met face-to-face Thursday night in Las Vegas.

In the hour-long debate, Reid called her “extreme.” Angle repeatedly referred to him as “Harry Reid” and portrayed him as a tax-raising, career politician.

They sparred over the  healthcare reform law (Angle called it “Obamacare”), Yucca Mountain and nuclear energy, immigration and Social Security, unemployment and how to bring back jobs to Nevada.

“I believe that, with God’s help, we the people have the solutions to our economic problems and they’re as simple as: cut back on the spending; pay back on the debt; and take back our economy by repealing policies like Obamacare,” Angle said in conclusion.harry