The Senate’s number two Democrat Richard Durbin had a small tumor removed from his stomach on Thursday and was “resting comfortably” after the operation, his office said.

USA HEALTHCARE/Durbin should be out of the hospital in Chicago in a couple of days and expects to resume a full schedule by next week, the statement from his spokesman Joe Shoemaker said. 

“According to Durbin’s doctors, there was no evidence that the tumor had spread beyond the site from which it was removed,” the statement said, adding that preliminary biopsy results “demonstrate a favorable prognosis.”

After he has recovered from the surgery, Durbin is not expected to require further treatment.  The gastrointestinal stromal tumor was discovered a few weeks ago during a routine medical checkup.

Durbin, who is from Illinois, will not need to rush back to Washington, as the Senate is in recess until mid-September.