ECONOMY-CALIFORNIA/TAXESToday is tax day, one of the least favorite days on many Americans’ calendars. Expect long lines at the post office and lots of grumbling.

Anti-gummint types are staging  anti-tax “Tea Parties” around the country, including one in Lafayette Park across the street from the White House at 10:00.

Another prominent day on the tax calendar has already passed. Tax Freedom Day, the day in which the average American has earned enough to cover his tax burden for the year, ocurred on April 13 — the earliest date since 1967.

The early date is thanks to tax cuts included in the stimulus package and reduced tax collections due to the recession, says the Tax Foundation, the think tank that runs the calculation. Guess there’s a silver lining to all this economic gloom and doom after all.

President Obama will attempt to gild the lily at noon, when he talks about “restoring fairness to the tax code and providing tax relief to working families,” according to the White House.