Barack Obama’s press secretary unlocked the door to the White House press room Tuesday and was a bit surprised by how quickly reporters swarmed around him hungry for information.


The door which acts as the barrier between the reporters’ den and the offices of White House press staff had been locked since mid-morning as the Bush White House cleared out before Obama’s people arrived.

There were no missing computer keyboard keys, but the email was not fully functional yet, Robert Gibbs said. Asked if all the “O” keys were there, he replied with a laugh, “all the keys are intact, it’s just that I don’t know the code to get in.”

When former President Bill Clinton’s administration left the White House, the incoming administration of President George W. Bush found that some of the “W” letters had been removed from keyboards.

Gibbs said he has seen the bullet-proof vest that has been handed down by White House press secretaries to their successors over the years but had not had a chance to read the most recent note left in the pocket by Bush’s spokeswoman Dana Perino.