Tagg Romney calls voters from New Hampshire campaign headquarters, December 29, 2011.

By Eric Johnson

Undecided Iowa voters wondering just how Mitt Romney managed to salvage the cash-strapped and fraud-wracked Olympic games in 2002 and leave it with a rainy-day fund of roughly $100 million, should ask his son, Tagg.

“My dad is extraordinarily cheap,” said Tagg, 41, who stumped for his dad at a boisterous “Rock the Caucus” event at a high school outside of Des Moines.

The elder Romney was not at the event, also attended by Not-Mitt candidates Rick Santorum and Ron Paul, whose remarks were best received by the caucus-eligible high schoolers. The trio are competing for the top three spots in tonight’s voting contest.

Also there was Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, who is skating on thin ice after several setbacks and limited resources.