Republican some-time folk hero Ron Paul has been mostly missing in action in Florida, a winner-take-all primary state that votes next Tuesday. Currently pulling down only about 10 percent support in the Sunshine State, the Texas Congressman has opted to seek out more fruitful pastures in his quest to assemble delegates for the 2012 convention. Paul’s yard sign elves remain busy, though, and Paulite insurgents have shown up at a number of other events, sometimes jostling with supporters of, for example, Rick Santorum.

But fear not, fans in Florida or elsewhere. A new, virtual version is only a few clicks away, thanks to the pro-Paul RevolutionPAC.

Two talking action figures — the “Commander in Chief” Paul and the “Super Hero” Paul — are now available at They don’t come cheap, at $94.95 plus shipping and handling. The “Super Hero” version, in standard super-hero bodysuit ensemble with white cape (or is it really an obstetrician’s coat?), is 12 inches tall, speaks a message when a button is pushed, has moveable limbs, and comes equipped with a mini U.S. Constitution. All proceeds go to support efforts to elect Ron Paul, although the figurines are not endorsed by the candidate.

The sunshine and warm temperatures make Florida a perfect place for a late-January political campaign. Especially for reporters. But in keeping with Paul’s unorthodox style, where better to spend the next few days than…Maine?

Ron Paul will make six stops in the Pine Tree State Friday and Saturday, kicking his campaign off in Bangor, where the forecast is for freezing rain in the morning, changing to rain, with significant icing possible and a winter weather advisory in place. A world away from, say, Orlando, Florida, currently reporting in at 81 degrees and sunny. Perhaps the candidate needs to pick up some gear at the L. L. Bean flagship store…