If it walks like a stimulus and quacks like a stimulus, is it a stimulus?

NUCEAR-IRAN/MISSILES-USAThat’s the question being thrown at White House spokesman Robert Gibbs this week. And he has so far refused to bite.

In yesterday’s White House media briefing, “stimulus” came up five times, but never once uttered by Gibbs.

His responses were “recovery plan” and “safety-net policies.”

On Monday, a reporter asked about programs included in the first economic stimulus package that may be considered for extension such as homebuyer tax credit and jobless benefits.

“Why is that not a stealth second stimulus?” a reporter asked. ANIMALS/

“I appreciate the connotation,” Gibbs replied.

What would Gibbs call such extensions then?

“Extensions,” he replied.

OK then…

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Photo Credit: Reuters/Jim Young (Gibbs at media briefing in September), Reuters/Sebastien Pirlet (duck walks on ice in Antwerp)