Tales from the Trail

Clinton has “mild allergies,” not new flu

May 1, 2009

USA/U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has twice been to Mexico in recent weeks, and so when she appeared at two State Department events on Friday with a cough and apparent cold symptoms, reporters asked an obvious question.

If you have a job, Clinton may not be for you

May 17, 2008

supporter.jpgLORETTO,  KENTUCKY  –   Sen.  Hillary Clinton, campaigning in rural Kentucky, on Saturday blasted critics telling her to drop out of the presidential race as America’s advantaged and well-heeled trying to tell the rest of the nation what to think and do.

Amid clamor to drop out, Clinton campaigns on

May 13, 2008

CHARLESTON – While Democrats fret over the lengthy nomination battle and pundits wring their hands over whether Sen. Hillary Clinton should pull out, the candidate is out campaigning as if all those political storm clouds were not hanging over her head.