Presidents are never afraid of beating the same drum twice.

Today, President Barack Obama continues his quest to boost support for healthcare reform with a “tele-town hall” at AARP. Then he talks about relations with China, just like on Monday.

With Obama’s drive for healthcare reform stalled in the Senate and the House — even though both chambers are controlled by his fellow Democrats — the president is looking to ordinary Americans to push harder for an overhaul of the system.

Democrats have backed away from a vow to take a vote on the legislation before the month-long August recess but lawmakers in both chambers are still working on the bill. This afternoon, Obama heads to AARP headquarters to take questions from senior citizens about health insurance and his proposed reforms.

Then he heads back to the White House for talks with the leaders of the U.S.-China Strategic CHINA-USA/OBAMAEconomic Dialogue.

Obama is expected to talk with the top Chinese officials about the need for the two economic powers to work together for global economic recovery and also discuss issues like North Korea and global climate change.