Verbal silver bullets were flying all over the White House press briefing today.

“There is no silver bullet” has become the White House phrase for telling the public it has no magical solution for combating rising gasoline prices. With gas prices at the pump over $4 a gallon, the translation for the 2012 presidential campaign is: don’t blame us.

“The truth is, there’s no silver bullet that can bring down gas prices right away,” President Barack Obama said in his weekend address.

White House spokesman Jay Carney latched onto the phrase during the daily media briefing, and reporters ran with it too.

Question: “Given that there’s no silver bullet … is there any element of what the president’s doing with regard to gas prices that’s just for the sole purpose to demonstrate that the government’s trying to do something, in terms of the appearance of action, because he knows Americans are frustrated?”

“No,” Carney replied.

“There is no single silver bullet that’s going to suddenly bring us back to $2.50 gas.  And that’s a reality, and that’s why we need a serious long-term energy policy,” Carney said later on.