U.S. budgets can really bring out the passion in people. So much so that it’s no wonder it’s hard for anyone to agree on how Washington should tax and spend.

OBAMA/BUDGETWhen it was released on Thursday, the budget President Barack Obama unveiled sparked a war of words all over the capital. The disagreements were so profound, it’s almost as if people were looking at two entirely different documents.

Take the impact of Obama’s budget on small businesses which, like many in the United States, are reeling from the deep economic recession.

“It is not just misguided, but dangerous to raise taxes on small businesses and families that can’t afford to pay,” warned Eric Cantor, the number-two Republican in the House of Representatives.

His fellow conservative, Representative Mike Pence agreed. “The administration’s budget raises taxes on almost every American. America’s hard-working small businesses, family farms…,” he said.