President Barack Obama has weathered many political storms with varying degrees of success, but the snowstorm of the century that walloped Washington this week proved he was the luckiest man on the planet. That’s according to White House spokesman Robert Gibbs, still sore from endlessly shoveling snow at his own home.

To get an idea of what a herculean task it would have been for one person to clear the White House of snow, see the video posted on the White House blog of the blizzard striking the president’s home.

“Obviously, we have seen an extraordinary amount of winter weather here in the mid-Atlantic.  Having shoveled my driveway now what seems like 10,000 times, I can testify to that,” Gibbs said at his daily news briefing.

This winter’s snowfall in Washington broke a 110-year record and the latest storm closed the federal government for four straight days so far (no word yet on whether federal employees will have to make up those snow days). WEATHER-USA/

“It has been an overwhelming weather event,” Gibbs said.

“Why wasn’t the president out there shoveling the walk?” one reporter asked.