WASHINGTON – Lots of news trickling in about Sarah Palin’s time on the campaign trail…

Like the time John McCain’s top aides Steve Schmidt and Mark Salter went to brief the fit 44-year-old Alaska governor in her hotel room at the Republican National Convention in St. Paul.

Here’s how Newsweek described it:  “After a minute, Palin sailed into the room wearing nothing but a towel, with another on her wet hair. She told them to chat with her laconic husband, Todd. ‘I’ll be just a minute,’ she said.”

There were strains between the McCain and Palin camps on the trail. Now that the election is over, the long knives have come out.

The Los Angeles Times reported that when Palin arrived at the Arizona Biltmore in Phoenix on Tuesday, she had expected to speak before McCain gave his concession speech, but was told by Schmidt and Salter that it would not be appropriate.