Guess what? There’s more bad news about the economy today.

Numbers out today show the unemployment rate has risen to its highest rate in 25 years as companies buckled under the strain of a recession that is showing no signs of ending. ECONOMY-JOBFAIR/

Want to hear more? The head of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Keith Hall, testifies to Congress about the employment picture at 9:30.

In the Obama administration’s first public overture to Tehran, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has invited Iran to a conference on Afghanistan planned for this month. Traveling in Brussels, Clinton also said the problems of climate change and the economy should be tackled simultaneously.

President Obama travels to Columbus, Ohio to show the $787 billion stimulus package at work: police cadets who would have been let go will instead be sworn in as officers. Attorney Eric Holder joins him.

photo credit: REUTERS/Mike Segar (People wait in line at a job fair in New York, March 5)