Some places put out the red carpet. The Interior Department got creative and put the drums out for first lady Michelle Obama’s visit. She was treated to a traditional drumming tribal honor song played by a 7-member Black Bear Tribal Group band on Monday.

 ”I am completely humbled and moved by all of you,” said the first First Lady to visit the department probably since Eleanor Roosevelt. She also announced that her husband would appoint a White House policy adviser on tribal issues.

Michelle Obama has been making the rounds of government agencies to listen and learn and show an interest in what they do. She previously visited the Education Department and the Housing and Urban Development office.

“So this is the third agency that I visited since we’ve arrived, and each of the agencies that i’ve seen have had a different flavor,” Obama said. (Now was that pineapple crunch or rocky road?)

Nedra Darling, a spokeswoman at the Interior Department, draped a bright lavender shawl with native designs over the first lady’s shoulders. Obama was only too pleased to model it.