COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa – Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is sounding increasingly more confident about his chances against President Barack Obama after a week of big fund-raising numbers and what his campaign feels are mistakes made by the Democratic side.

“There’s some shot that I might get elected president. There’s more than a good shot,” Romney told a Main Street Cafe roundtable of farm business leaders on Friday in western Iowa.

His reasons for optimism include outdueling the Obama fund-raising juggernaut in May, bringing in nearly $77 million to the Democrats’ $60 million, and a two-day Texas swing this week that brought in $15 million, money that will be vital in paying for televisions ads.

The big numbers suggested to the Romney camp that conservatives are excited about the possibility of defeating Obama. “Got a long way to go,” Romney told reporters in St. Louis on Thursday when asked about his fund-raising advantage.

But aides say some perceived missteps by Obama are also fueling Romney’s fired-up spirit, such as the incumbent’s White House news conference on Friday where he said the U.S. private sector is “doing fine.”