It’s never going to top any charts, but the folks who put a recording of HR3200 online for your listening pleasure are back.

INDIA-RD/This time, they’re offering a digital recording of the Senate Finance Committee version of healthcare reform offered by chairman Max Baucus. And they keep the site updated with all modifications to the bill as it moves through the committee.

The voice actors doing the reading see their performances as a public service. “We read, you listen, we ALL decide,” is the slogan atop their Web site.

The way they see it, voters need to know what’s in the bills — minus the political spin. But they know some of us don’t take time to actually read the contents, including some members of Congress.

HR3200, formally known as America’s Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009 is over 1,000 pages. But the voice artists make it easy for you to catch every word. You can even download the recordings to your favorite MP3 player. KOREA/