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A lighter way to follow volcanic ash

It almost seems like a case of adding insult to injury, but the volcanic ash that is wreaking havoc over European airspace has started tweeting. ICELAND-VOLCANO/

And, while trying not to take it personally, @theashcloud has amassed more followers than some of us who have been on Twitter for some time.

But it’s a peppy ash cloud, asking for suggested #ashtunes  and with tweets like: “The Ash Cloud would like to know if any happy tales have come out of the disruption I have (not deliberately) caused!Tweet them to me?#ash”

The volcanic ash from Iceland has of course had serious consequences for European air travel. White House spokesman Bill Burton said it has affected “thousands and thousands of Americans who are stranded abroad” and U.S. ambassadors around the world are working to help them. “But obviously there’s nothing that we can do to blow the volcanic ash any faster.  But we’re doing everything that we can.”

The Icelandic volcano under the Eyjafjallajokull glacier  has also sparked some levity.

U.S. Ash Quest: Help 40,000 Americans cross the pond

Stranded in England…

(We could think of worse places to be stuck than the land of fish-and-chips and Shakespeare).

VOLCANO/That’s what happened to 40,000 Americans when their travel was disrupted due to the volcanic ash wafting over Europe from Iceland. But have no fear, the U.S. government is here.

(Not that it’s in any way a relevant comparison, but the number of Americans stranded in Britain is smaller than the Twitter followers of  White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs  who has 55,643 following @PressSec).