At a campaign stop today in Portsmouth, NH, Mitt Romney portrayed President Obama as a foe — and himself a champion — of the poor, noting the “greater and greater gap between those that have the most and those that have the least” and accusing President Obama of being “focused on taking away from those that have the least.”

“I want to help everybody, particularly those that are being left behind,” said Romney, who memorably told CNN he’s “not concerned about the very poor” in February. “I want to help the poor. I want to help the middle class get the kinds of jobs that raise their income. Let’s focus on helping the people who need the help the most.”

With Senator Kelly Ayotte — whom Romney has said is on his short list of potential running mates — at his side, Romney told the audience the president was “trying to divert” attention away from the economy “with all the silliness day in and day out.”

“Over these last several days, we have seen this president go across the country and bring up all sorts of extraneous items,” he said. “Everything he can do to distract from the issue that people care about, which is a stronger economy, creating more enterprises, creating good jobs, and raising incomes.”

Watch a video of the comments below, via pbriand3:

Photo credit: Screenshot/pbriand3