The Bush White House years may turn into the book wars, which one will you buy?

Former President George W. Bush is writing a book on the decisions he made while in office, working title “Decision Points,” scheduled for release next year.

Former first lady Laura Bush is writing a memoir about her life experiences, expected to be published next year.

Former Vice President Dick Cheney may provide some juicy tidbits in his memoir if it ends up criticizing (would that be book-stabbbing?) the president, it won’t be out until early 2011.


Here’s our guess on how the pages will turn.

George W. Bush’s book will be a straight-forward accounting of what went through his mind as the “Decider” in chief. Laura Bush’s book will not be as soft and fluffy as a stereotypical first lady memoir. And Cheney’s will offer the most surprises, only because he has been the determined silent type.

What’s your pick?


Photo credit: Reuters/Kevin Coombs (people reading books on a British beach)